Trusting Allah.



I think one of the most beautiful things in life is when you sit down and make genuine du’a to Allah (swt), and you can literally feel your heart finding ease. It’s like the mountains of worries in your heart suddenly crumble- and you feel Allah personally taking your worries and saying “Whoever puts his trust in Allah; He will be enough for him.” (65:3)

New Year’s updates!

So, what else is new?

  • New job (since mid-Oct ‘13)
  • New job responsibility (I’m a Form Teacher now *ehem ehem* with equally cekik darah new children)
  • New phone (Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom courtesy of my darling baby Asyraf’s SHOCKING anniv gift. Awwwww~)
  • New hope to own our first house (insya Allah)
  • New (pleasant) digits on the weighing scale
  • New maternity clothes (off the racks of pasar Geylang)

last but not least…

  • New striving attitude to continuously become a wholesome mother (and teacher), with the help of none other but The Almighty Allah ‘azza wa jal


I’m at Nandos Tampines, alone on a Saturday… Having such a blast (my tongue, literally) from all the exotic spices. I’m loving this!!! Nandos extra hot peri peri chicken is one of my world’s fave!

Just a thought… If I could re-do my wedding reception i would have splurged on a 3-hr private buffet at Nandos! Its really great here! The music is awesome, the spices to die for… Decor’s great, easy accessiblity… Gosh why were they few mths late of getting the Halal cert!

The place I miss the most…

… has all the food I love the most. Cyberjaya, a place where I accustomed myself to solitude, independence, foreigners, and life at leisurely pace. I’m telling you, if i were to be single at the moment I would have asked my parents’ permission and “migrate” there for a living. I don’t mind the small pay, etc. I just want the laid back life where everything is not about deadlines. Look who’s talking; at 26 I’m ready to retire. hahaha! so here are the food that i will gobble down as soon as i touchdown! (counting down to the day where both Asyraf & I can fly to KL on a midweek.)

  1. Lim Kok Wing Mee Tarik
  2. Cyberia Cafe Fatihah Butter chicken + rice
  3. Marhaba mandy Chicken + rice
  4. Marhaba liver shawarma
  5. NZ peanutbutter+chocolate waffle


Limkokwing Mee Tarik, RM3


Marhaba Mandy Chicken, RM10

Ok, after 2 years in Cyberia I don’t have proper photos of the rest of the menu. -_-” But i’m telling you, you can’t find these any where else in the world!!!

p/s: AES, please say YES!

…and so I am quiet at work. I do say Hi What’s For Lunch here and there, but I’m not one to divulge too much about myself and personal life. I’d rather talk about the rain if it calls for. But this “silence” has crossed over the border of ‘Lone Ranger’ and has passed its ‘Unsociable’ limit, which is scaring me at times because I don’t wish to come across as the “backward” one.

…and so I am quiet at work. I do say Hi What’s For Lunch here and there, but I’m not one to divulge too much about myself and personal life. I’d rather talk about the rain if it calls for. But this “silence” has crossed over the border of ‘Lone Ranger’ and has passed its ‘Unsociable’ limit, which is scaring me at times because I don’t wish to come across as the “backward” one.

365 days later…

We all have different kinds of anniversaries. On September 1st 2013, Asyraf & I joyfully celebrated our meeting for the first time… by buying a Philips soundbar at Expo! Ok, that’s a whole different story. =P

On Saturday, September 1st 2012, Asyraf and I met in person for the first time and it was a truly magical evening (my skin was glowing, I looked so slim, his ketiak didn’t smell at all, bla bla bla)

I almost forgot this day until I saw my friend’s wedding anniv photo on FB.

It wasn’t love at first sight, but I definitely felt that this time it was going to be different. That first phrase, that instant chemistry, the laughter, the stories we shared on that day… Well, everything is 100 000 000x better now!!!

So for the singles out there, never lose hope. Jodoh is a tricky thing. You reject one, it might be the last bus. You take one too early it might be a ride to hell. So what’s important is to always have a date with Allah, get yourself up-to-date with Islam and love will find your way eventually. I’m serious. True, tried and tested.


Yours truly at Widad’s solemnization. The picture he fell in love with. Awww… <3


That’s me Whatsapping this Silat/Wakeboard guy name Asyraf… who also made me wait for an hour!!! With Juliza!!! @#$%^!

Blessings from Allah differ from one couple to another. For us, alhamdulillah wa syukrillah just recently we’ve got the good news. This stage is too early to share, I’ll post the link to the blog very soon! =D

Take care lovelies!

Salam Aidilfitri!

Assalamualaikum friends and readers! I would like to grab this opportunity in this blessed month of Syawal to wish all my Muslim friends a very happy Eid Mubarak! But most importantly, I would like to sincerely seek forgiveness from every single one of you; those whom I have offended or wronged consciously or unconsciously. Special Hari Raya shout-out to my best friends for always loving me, always being there for me through my ups and downs. You gals are the best, and from the bottom of my heart I would like to apologize if at any point of time I twinged a muscle in your delicate hearts. 

This is the first ever Eid for me as a wife. Alhamdulillah, I was put in a very “blessed” situation where I didn’t have to prepare those hefty signature festive dishes (although, seriously, I would be more than glad to cook for my hubby!) But because we were away in Batu Pahat, Johore, to visit my hubby’s granduncles and g.aunties.

How was my Hari Raya in the countryside? Truth be told, unless the countryside has a very scenic view of paddy fields and whatnots, I’m not very much of a country girl. I enjoyed the mercun-popping session, but I felt guilty literally burning money in the air. The food was nice, although nothing beats a mother’s cooking, right? :)

I prepared 4 types of modern cookies, 3 non-bakes and 1 choc chip cookies. Very easy and hassle free. I wanted to try my hands on Kuih Tart but Asyraf’s auntie was generous enough to give me ready-made ones and said I can always learn the next time round.

Alhamdulillah, I feel so blessed to be where I am right now. Syawal is great, but I definitely love Ramadan more. Till then, taqabbalallah minna wa minkum. :)




Ada orang tu baru balik Korea lah!

Read my travel blog here.

And just for the sake of updating, here are some photos of our sweet and sunny 3rd honeymoon. (Each photo marks a day of our journey) ^_^








Total number of days: 8 (3 in Seoul, 4 in Jeju)

Total amount of money spent: Less than S$1,500 (no Debit card usage at all! Weee)

Total number of pictures: 1481

Total number of videos: About 140

What I most like about S.Korea? The homely hospitality, the endless beauty shops, the bustling atmosphere, the coolness at night, the gorgeous ladies, the neon fad, the language, the Kebabs (wrong place for a liking, I know, haha!), the BBQ bulgogi, Korean sushi, the packet coffees, and the interior design.

What I dislike most about S.Korea? The stairs at the subways, the kimchi, and really, just the incessant stairs here, there, everywhere!

Do we want to come back again? Yes, but not in the near future. Probably will want to revisit during Autumn or Winter.

I would like to thank Asyraf’s NTU Silat friends for allowing us to crash at their apartment for a night! Gumapsumnida!!

Impulse buy? Or ‘invest’ buy?


It’s been a while since I last update what’s happening in the life of Maryam Frida Osmond. Cheyyy… I did not even update my Honeymoon-ings! Ooppss! Fret not! Click here to see the videos!

Just last Friday we went to HDB Hub to select our BTO flat and paid Option Fee of S$2,000. Oh boy. That is the point of no return.

I can’t say we were exclusively “pressured” to get a flat, more like… a top-priority suggestion to apply since we were eligible for the MCP grant, NOT. We’ll get back to that in a while. Partly, too, we were psycho-ed to get a house for “investment” purposes, because few months back I had the notion that I’m going to live with my in-laws their whole life. 


We applied Fengshan Greenville BTO on the last day of its Sales Launch. Our queue number was shitty. We then received a letter saying we may or may not get to select a flat, depending on the availability of flat and ethnic quota. Turned out, we were able to. Oh, ok. I think it’s completely natural for first-timers like us to be a little clueless and “blur” about the whole buying a house deal. So we went ahead to the flat selection appointment unprepared and very, VERY late. *heeeeeee*

The Married Child Priority scheme grant (up to S$30k) is only applicable for resale flats, within 2 km of parent (my in-laws at Blk 411). We, however, got first-timer grant of S$35k. Alhamdulillah. So the MCP scheme was only a means of having better queue number. Up to this day I don’t see sense because we ended having very bad corot-corot Q-number for the remaining low-floor units.

There’s a blessing to that impromptu application. I was unemployed at that time, so 4 months from now on the second appointment we only have to pay Staggered Downpayment of 5% of total cost (about S$35k incl. law fees). Masya Allah. Just enough from the FT grant amount. Hehe. 

Now I want to get to the part where I keep on thinking about it day and night. It’s a house. I’m sure it’s something of a big deal, especially for those stay-at-home kind like me. I don’t mean to brag, nauzubillah, I’m being open here. We’re going to pay close to half a million (492k) for the next 30 years or more for that house (insya Allah)… which doesn’t even have a fantastic view! We’re at level 4, by the way. (I’ve lived at level 4 all my life! ergh~) Growing up, I’ve built the picture of my dream home; the kind that reside at level 10 and above. The kind with unobstructed view. The kind that is within walking distance to a mosque and away from a school (again, I’ve lived within few feet of a sec sch all my life). The kind where people won’t see us lazing around the house half naked (I like open air living, obviously. No closed windows please). ‘The kind’ will go on and on…

Recently I’m consumed with very commendable lectures by Mufti Ismail Musa Menk on the stories of the Prophets. I get a sense of high spiritually. I’ve been having deep thoughts about my religious beliefs and faith and my love for Allah, and where I’m heading towards. And it got me thinking that, subhanallah, Fengshan Greenville is just a temporary dwelling Allah swt lend us for the sake of having an independent shelter for my new growing family, so that we could prepare ourselves for a yet superbly indescribable house in Jannah Infinityville. Why do I fuss about what level/what view/what location so much? Astaghfirullah. May Allah swt grant us the love for ibadah (worshipping) more than realising dreams of the Dunya, insya Allah.

I end this post with beautiful views which Allah gave me the opportunity to witness it every day for 2 years. I miss this place.







This was my temporary home from 12/2011 - 2/2012 at Pantai Panorama. Another LOVELY, UNFORGETTABLE views (from the bedroom!) and experience (Dianaaa!!!).


This was the view from level 25 penthouse of the same condo.


This was a view from an acquaintance’s house at Ampang. Very dreamy~

I met a guy name Asyraf on the 1st of September 2012, 120 days later on December 30th, approximately at 11.40 am he became my beloved, lawfully-wedded husband.

Syukur and Alhamdulillah, everything went well, albeit very minor glitches here and there, which is very normal. I ate well too, thank you very much. Everything happened so fast!!! Next thing I know I am already 3 days married! ^_^

Once again, I would like to extend my deepest and warmest gratitude to both my amazing parents, Mdm Faridah and Mr Osman for all the help, love, care and understanding. Million thanks and abundance of virtual hugs and kisses to my new family, Mama and Papa and Ira, for organizing the wedding and made everything possible and smooth-sailing. Not to mention the wonderful gifts! I am truly, deeply blessed. You have no idea! :”D <3 

Million thanks and appreciation for the official and unofficial photographers and videographers, makeup artists, cooks and restaurant staffs. You guys were truly amazing~

Lastly, how can I forget every single one of our 370 invitees? Thank you so SO much for taking time to drop by J’s Wok & Grill and made our ceremony a truly joyful and colorful one with your presence. Both Asyraf and I really appreciate your prayers, blessings and well wishes. I’m sorry if I didn’t get the chance to take photos or have a quick chat. Nonetheless, I sincerely appreciate your presence! :D

Of course, we hope for nothing but only the best for our marriage. I want both of us to stay healthy, so that we can look after each other till our last breath. I would also hope that by being closer together, we would reach deeper level of Iman and TaqwainsyaAllah.

I hope it’s not too late to wish you a very happy, prosperous and fruitful New Year!! 2012 was happening and amazing beyond my expectations! This year I can roughly see myself embarking on a new career, stepping foot in Mecca Al-Musyarrafah, having baby(ies), and a new home in the upcoming months ahead, dengan izin-Nya insya Allah. ^_^

The one with sup tulang stains on her fingers,

Mrs. Asyraf 

P/S: Stay tuned for our amazing honeymoon photos on 12th Jan 2013.